Knoxville's World's Fair Park Fountains

Knoxville's World's Fair Park Fountains

Monday, January 13, 2014


Hi, every New Year brings on thoughts of the future.  Thoughts about careers, personal goals and the anticipation of what the year will bring.  The same can be said for buying your first home.

Have you been on the fence about the purchase of a home because of economic situations?   Have you been waiting for the rates to get lower?  Maybe you were unsure of whether Knoxville was your location for the next few years?

Well, 2014 has lots of positives in its outlook.  The rates for financing look like they will still be around the 4's or low 5's percentage.  On a historical point, these rates are outstanding.  Are they as low as the rates at the start of 2013? No, but the interest you would save at 4.5% over 30 year period verse 6 % over the same time would be significant.  Another big point, is the amount of inventory.  The experts say  inventories will be higher for most of the year.  Consequently, there will be a better selection for buyers and sellers may be more motivated because of increased competition.

Condos are a great place to start for your first house.  Usually, you can get more square footage and updates in a condo.  It may be the perfect transition from an apartment as far as responsibility and lifestyle.  Condos also share all the tax advantages that single family homes have as well.

Some factors to ask yourself if a house is in your future?  The first factor should be is how stable is your life concerning your location.  Is Knoxville where you are going to be in the near future?  How stable is your job or type of work you do? If the answer to both of these questions are: "Yes, I am going to be here for a while and I like what I do." Then, it is probably time to consider buying.  Naturally, there are a lot more things to consider, but these are the 2 most basic ones.

Once you start the process, it is quite possible 2014 is your year!

Please feel free to comment or send emails to or got to my website to view homes and look at the possibilities at

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