Knoxville's World's Fair Park Fountains

Knoxville's World's Fair Park Fountains

Thursday, November 30, 2017


My post today looks at a very active Planned Unit Development(PUD) in West Knoxville called Chips Crossing.  Chips Crossing is a 110 home complex with brick buildings of 4 units per and offers a common swimming pool.  It is located in the Ball Camp area just off Andes Road.

There are a number of floor plans in the complex with many of them being a 2 bedroom 2 bath unit of approximately 1350 square feet with a single car garage.  Some of these homes have a front porch and the homes offer vaulted ceiling living rooms and a split bedroom floor plan.

There are other floor plans as well, with  some at 1500 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and a more compact floor plan at 1250 square feet. Both units offer a 1 car garage and all are on a single story

The fees are reasonable, consisting of $94.00 monthly which includes exterior maintenance, grounds maintenance, trash and the swimming pool.

Values in 2017 were starting at $114,000 for a 2 bedroom home to $135,000 for a 3 bedroom home.  Chips Crossing has a good location for commuting and because of the number of homes in the complex usually has some available for purchase.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017


Located in the heart of West Knoxville off Gleason Drive is Brookshire Commons.   Brookshire was built in the years 2001-2003 and consists of approximately 65 units.

The homes are configured in long rows with the garage being the common wall on most of the units.  It is a pure condo with monthly fees and benefits that go along with a condo.  The complex offers a club house and the fees are presently $115.00 month.  Covered in that fee is the exterior maintenance, insurance, grounds maintenance and trash.

The homes are mostly 3 bedroom, 3 bath units that are around 2200 square feet and all one story. There are also 2 bedroom, 2 bath units that are around 1450 square feet, also one story.  Last year prices ranged from $140,000 to 180,000.

Location of course in a big plus about this complex, the West Town Mall is very close, with lots of other shopping and restaurants in the area.  Getting to Route 40 is less than 5 minutes away.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I have come across this question many times with potential clients when contemplating a purchase of a condo in downtown Knoxville.  There are many considerations to think about, as well as lifestyle choices and just making it work.

In our discussions,  one of the first consideration is what many folks have described as the New York City lifestyle.  Living downtown, means lots of dinners and lunches out.  Entertainment only a walk away, many choices between market square and old city and it is expanding.

If thinking about who do you shop in person, where do you store your car and what it the cost?  Is biking really an option?  What is the cost of delivery services for food like Blue Apron as an example.  How do you shuffle packages and items from your car if you have to commute to work?

One of points for brought up was the use of the KAT trolley system and the recent creation of Publix and Walmart near the UT campus.  Parking of course is a big one. Most of the homes have a dedicated space but they are usually fees associated with.  Another consideration is how far is the parking from your home and what are the logistics concerned.

These are just some of the many topics to think about when considering looking at a home in the downtown area.  It has real benefits and is tempting to live the urban lifestyle.  But, since it is a huge financial consideration all these items and many more should be considered before a decision is made.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017


Apologies for my absence... Busy real estate market.

The Old City is buzzing and a new complex has emerged on the scene and is offering some "more affordable" alternatives to the downtown condo market.

The Jacksonian, newly revitalized 1900's era building being developed by Brian Testerman has 3 initial units being offered. The units are 1 bedroom 1.5 bath  open floor plan homes.  The homes are between 1200 to 1300 square feet.

The units offer according to the mls, Hardwood floors, quartz countertops bamboo accented bars, stainles appliances and a lot more.

Big feature of the $218.00 monthly HOA fee is a single parking space.  The offered price is from $245,000 to $275,000.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


In your purchase of a condo or Planned Unit Development(PUD) home, the question arises "should I do a home inspection?"

Of course the answer is a resounding YES!  There are lots of items that can be looked at in a home inspection on a condo and a PUD.  One of the first items to consider is what is the association maintaining ?  Are they responsible for outside maintenance, like the roof, decks or patios, windows, doors ,garages etc. If so, it still might be good to know what items may you need to make the association aware of or not.

Naturally, any of those items not covered need to be looked at, but interior items, plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning.  Exterior doors or sliding/atrium doors.  Lots to consider.  Attic spaces as well.

An inspection can really give you a feel as to how well things are being kept up and are the fees being used for there intended purpose.  

So, get ready after getting the home under contract you need to do your inspection!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


In today's post we take a look at a fine Planned Unit Development in nearby Oak Ridge.  Willow Place is a 70 unit complex in the heart of Oak Ridge.  Located close to shopping, business and restaurants, Willow Place is set up in a very urban and historic setting.  

The homes are placed around winding streets and many look out to a green with a large gazebo.  The styles of homes are quite traditional including: bungalows, ranches and 2 story homes with double porches, very traditional southern style.

The complex was started  in 1999 and appears to have been mostly built out by 2005. Sizes of homes vary from 1200 sq ft to more than 2000.  There are a number of custom homes in excess of 2000 square feet as well.  Most of the homes are  three bedroom and 2 baths with a 2 car garage.  

The complex offers nice pathways for walking and connection to city greenways. The green in the middle of the complex is quite pretty and offers a large covered picnic area as well.

Pricing is in a rather large area from $160k or so for  1200 square foot home presently to more than $230k for the large homes.

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Friday, December 30, 2016


I post this with a big smile for the future.  This is the last post, in the Obama Administration.  I am glad to say so long.  The last eight years have been difficult ones in Real Estate.

In saying good bye, I would like to  mention a few of the memories:

Huge amounts of foreclosures:   It was an amazing down turn when the mortgage industry finally got too greedy and discovered that relaxing lending standards is not the thing to do. It takes 3 things to make a good mortgage borrower.  Good credit, good employment, some money.  You can fudge one of the three and still have a good loan.  But the mortgage industry tried to fudge all 3 in many cases thus.. the huge foreclosure numbers.

Dodd-Frank Bill:  In trying to fix the problem, government stepped in and reformed it. NOT.  This bill has cost the industry countless millions of dollars in compliance, education, work time lost, and many many potential home owners not being able to borrow because of it. Did the industry really need 307 additional rule requirements and  22,296 pages to go through?

FHA permanent MIP.  Yes, need an FHA loan? Hope to get rid of the private mortgage insurance when you reach 20 plus % equity in your home? Nope, the fee is lifetime.  What a buyer friendly thing to do...Thanks FHA.

62.9% home ownership:  Yes that's the reality, we have the lowest amount of homeownership since 1965.  Down from 68% in 2008.   Drive around Knoxville and see all the rental complex's being built, ever wonder why?  Well, I am sure there are many reasons, and the low home ownership rate is one of them.

THe Home Affordable Modification Program:  Yes, it eventually worked out as a government HARP backed loan after 5 years of the HAMP.  Leaving foreclosure reform to the banks?  The program saved less than 1 million homeowners and left the other 10 million to be left on the street.

And lastly, I hope I never have to do another "Short Sale".  What a terrible process for the banks, buyers, sellers and the realtors.

As 2017 dawns, I am very hopeful we have turned a corner and we now have an administration that values the real estate industry, homeownership and the mortgage industry as to how much it means to peoples lives, their financial stability and their future.  I hope you share my optimism!!